About Cristina

As a newborn and children’s photographer (and mum), I am in love with the beauty and innocence of childhood.

I became a photographer out of the desire to remember every moment I possibly could of my children’s lives. They grew so fast, and I was afraid that I would soon forget the precious details, as overwhelmed as I was by the busy-ness of my everyday life.

I am proud to be a completely self-taught photographer. I have always loved photographing people and places throughout my life, starting very early on. It all became very real in 2008, when I took the plunge with the launch of my portrait business – one of the first in the country to specialise in contemporary newborn, children and and baby photography.

As the outsider, invited into a family’s life for a few hours, my strong suit is the ability to observe. Much of what I see and capture is simply adorable, the kind of thing that makes your heart melt – the belly laughs and the toothless grins, the frowns, the raspberries, the twirls and the roly-polys.

But so much more of what I love to immortalise through my lens is a lot less obvious. The way your newborn baby puckers her lips when she sleeps; your toddler’s tight grip on Mum’s hair as he nuzzles against her neck; the tender looks between Mum and Dad, a mix of pride and emotion at the sheer beauty of the family they have created and raised. The excitement at witnessing and capturing real life and raw emotion like this never gets old – I feel very privileged to do what I do.

Forming relationships with my clients is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job. I feel a genuine bond to my families and enjoy seeing them again and again as their babies grow into happy toddlers and confident children – and as new little ones join the fold!

I hail from the sunny lands of Sicily. I have lived in the UK for the past twenty years, but I have never stopped carrying the warmth and colour of my home with me. Both are a huge inspiration for my outdoor photo shoots.

When not found behind a camera, in front of a PC or sipping a fine cup of coffee, I enjoy many things, some geeky, some not – like reading graphic novels, listening to obscure indie music, keeping fit and visiting new places with my two girls and my partner.