Newborn Photography

Love at first sight

Newborn Photography

Those first few days of your baby’s life fly fast. A cliche, perhaps – but one that you can see happening right before your eyes, right now.

A bespoke newborn photoshoot is a perfect way to ensure that those tiny details are always remembered.

Recording these memories for you is what I love and do best. I am a newborn baby photographer with over ten years’ experience in creating beautiful, natural portraits of very new babies in their homes or in my studio in Basingstoke.

Newborn photography

Natural newborn photos

My philosophy for photographing newborn babies is very simple: it’s all about your baby and the love in your family.

My newborn baby photo sessions flow organically and are completely baby led. Every baby is different, and each set of portraits is unique to him or her. I work with very minimal staging or props; instead, I will pose your baby very loosely, and let him/her to move into the most comfortable positions for him/her.

I am patient – each little movement will be observed closely, ready to be framed – every smile, puckering of the lips and curling of the fingers.

Family portraits with your newborn

My aim is to capture your family connection in a natural, non-contrived way.

Whether it is just the three of you, or you have a larger family, I will create a range of stunning portraits for you. You will be photographed sympathetically and expertly, in the purest light and most comfortable surroundings.

Take a look at my full newborn portraits portfolio to see how I use light, colour and textures for portraits of newborn babies with their siblings and families.

Newborn photography
Newborn photography

Natural newborn photography

Whenever possible, I use exclusively natural light for my newborn portraits, because of the intimate and soulful results it produces. Using natural light allows me to work efficiently virtually anywhere, avoiding the inconvenience that a large studio set-up would bring to your home.

My approach to props is minimalistic and classy. I will bring a selection of high quality soft props, like scarves, blankets and wraps. I choose these carefully based on colour, material, texture and comfort for your baby.

With so many looks available, we will choose together the style and colours that better suit your personal taste.

When to book

The best time to get in touch is right after your 20-week scan. The best time to photograph newborn babies is at 7-10 days old, so we will pencil in your photo shoot for a week after your due date. Of course, babies rarely arrive on time, so your booking date may need to be moved forward or back to accommodate this.

My diary usually gets booked approximately four weeks ahead. However, if your baby has already arrived, please get in touch anyway! I may well be able to fit you in at short notice, as other booked sessions are often moved to accommodate other babies’ actual arrival dates.

Newborn photography

Love notes

(It’s mutual!)

We have had our three children photographed as babies by Cristina. She has a natural way with babies to make them calm and sleepy, I often think of Cristina as the ‘baby whisperer’. She did an amazing job of making sure our babies were happy and content, so that she could photograph them. She was very patient and allowed for breaks for the children and for us too. The tea and coffee and nibbles kept us refueled and the results were breathtaking and we couldn’t be happier. Indeed, capturing our children at such a young age was the best money we have ever spent.

C. H., Isle of Wight

We were so thrilled with the photos Cristina took of our 11 day old daughter. We found the session itself completely enjoyable and Cristina’s warmth relaxed us into the shoot. She did a brilliant job capturing so many images of our daughter – even with eyes wide open at such a young age. We have beautiful images from that day that we treasure.

E.W., Thatcham

From the moment I set eyes on your website, I fell in love with your work. Thank you so much for all our beautiful photos (2 maternity & 2 newborn sessions). The results are breathtaking.

Your patience and unassuming nature always manage to capture the moment in a natural contemporary way. All our sessions have been truly relaxed and lots of fun. We will cherish your photos forever, and are sure our future grandchildren will too! Thank you again, our photos are priceless.

L. A., Fleet

We asked Cristina to take some memorable shots of our new born baby Elliot.

After we made the appointment doctors fitted him with a full body harness. As I didn’t want memories of the harness I was ready to cancel, but Cristina was very positive and persuaded us that we could still get photos that we would treasure.

She came to our house and with her clever use of camera angles she managed to hide the harness still showing a lot of our baby. She was really good at handling him even with his extra equipment and told us she was happy to take as long as we needed for her to get the right pictures. She also had plenty of extra heating to keep a naked baby comfortable for long set ups.

Cristina was great at capturing his expressions and as she is a mum I felt relaxed around her and posing with more intimate breastfeeding photos.

So a big thank you to Cristina for creating a lovely cosy bubble of time during which we were her subjects and giving us the memories we will always cherish.

A. C., London

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to book a maternity/newborn session?
The best time to get in touch is right after your 20-week scan. We will book in your maternity session around the 32-34 week mark, and/or pencil in your newborn session approximately a week after your due date. Of course, babies rarely arrive on time, so the original booking date may need to be moved forward or back accordingly. I always leave enough wriggle room in my diary to guarantee that your session will take place when your baby is at the optimal age for newborn photos.
My baby is already here! Can we still book a photo shoot?
My diary usually gets booked approximately four weeks ahead (and longer during the spring and the autumn). However, please do get in touch anyway, as I may well be able to fit you in at short notice, as other booked sessions are often moved to accommodate other babies’ actual arrival dates.
What is the best age for newborn photos?
I normally photograph newborns around the 7-14 days mark, when they still look very new – their features change so quickly at that age! That being said, because of the way I work and the very natural posing style that I use, I welcome (and love photographing!) older newborns as well – those first smiles and intense gazes are captivating!
How long will the newborn photo shoot take?
My newborn photo shoot are a strictly no-stress zone! We will not be working on a long list of poses, and will not be watching the clock – you will have the time and space to feed your baby as often as they need, hold them if they need a cuddle and reassurance, and relax with a cup of coffee while I work my magic.

On average, a newborn and family photo shoot will take between 3 and 4 hours.

Can we, the parents, and our other children be included in the photo shoot?
Of course! Those family/sibling pictures will one day be the most prized memories you own. I normally start my sessions with sibling and family images. Older brothers and sisters (especially toddlers) can get tired quite quickly, so once their involvement in the shoot is complete, I encourage Dad to take them out for a walk or visit a friend or relative. If you are visiting the studio, a small play area is available, and several playgrounds can be reached within a five minutes’ walk.
What should we wear at the session?
For maternity sessions, I recommend Mums to bring along a selection of blouses and dresses, and also some simple vest tops and low-waisted jeans for some informal shots. I will also provide scarves and robes for more intimate shots at the studio. Dads will photograph well in unpatterned knitwear and simple button-down shirts and t-shirts. I can offer detailed colour recommendations depending on whether we will be shooting outdoors or indoors, the time of year and of course your personal style. If other children are taking part in the session, complementary colours to Mum and Dad will work well.

For newborn sessions, Mums may bring simple blouses and vest/strapless tops for skin-on-skin portraits. Unpatterned shirts and t-shirts will work well for Dads. Simple, plain colours work best – white, cream, beige, grey are all favourites. Feel free to bring a couple of changes of clothing for older siblings, too – family photo outfits should be complementary in colour to Mum and Dad. I will provide a range of scarves, wraps and blankets for your newborn, but you are welcome to bring a selection of outfits as well. Keeping it simple works best – for example, traditional, footless all-in-ones are very cute and photogenic (Gap and Zara offer a number of great contemporary classics of this type).

I am always happy to provide bespoke advice prior to, and during, both maternity and newborn sessions.

What will we need to provide for the session? Will you bring any props?
Whether you are coming to the studio, or I am visiting you in your home, all the equipment and textile props I need for the session will be provided. For home visits, the session will usually take place in several parts of your home, including your living room, the nursery and the master bedroom. I will need to keep the space where I work quite warm, so I will bring a fan heater with me to provide a boost to the room temperature if necessary.

Please feel free to bring any objects of sentimental value that you would like to include in the photos (previous requests have included grandma-knitted blankets/hats, parents’ original moses baskets, special toys and even a rugby ball!) and I will do my best to incorporate them in your portraits in the most natural way.

Our baby's skin is still quite blotchy/flaky. Do you retouch photos?
This is very common with new babies, and not a problem at all. All your portraits will be fully retouched to take care of any blemishes and redness.
When/how can we see our pictures?
So, what happens after your newborn photo shoot? Naturally, you will be excited and impatient to see your photos!

Over the next two to three weeks, I will be very busy personally editing your images to the high standard you can see on this website. Once the editing process is complete, I will invite you back to the the studio, where you will be able to review your images on a large screen and we’ll discuss all your options for displaying your portraits around your home.

Where a viewing appointment may be difficult to arrange, you may view and purchase your portraits online, through a password-protected gallery.

With so many display ideas at your fingertips, this is the ideal opportunity to create a striking wall art arrangements of frames, canvases, acrylic or metallic gloss prints for your home. You could opt for a bespoke heirloom album to showcase your portraits. Or you could simply order your favourite images in their high resolution digital version, for printing and sharing on social media. Read all about my gorgeous photographic display and art range.

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